Engineering Made Simple

30 11 2011

Here’s one for my engineering friends:


Tim Tebow is bigger than Endor

29 11 2011

As a follow on to my previous post regarding the now full-time Denver Broncos quarterback and media favorite, Tim Tebow (who sucks for his role in defeating my San Diego Chargers this past Sunday), I present:


Notice that he is running the ball here:


My crappy MS Paint skills are unmatched.

Turkey Time

29 11 2011

Sorry for the late Thanksgiving post. Better late than never, I suppose.

Just a friendly reminder, some things were more humorous under W:


Just remember, things are not always what they seem:


Massive Ordinance Penetrator

21 11 2011

Good God, they’ve made another in the “mother of all bombs” family of non-nuclear bombs: the Massive Ordinance Penetrator.

Check out some pictures:





Note the people standing underneath for a sense of scale.

This bomb weighs about 30,000 lbs!  It is a hardened steel bomb that is designed to be dropped from high altitude, giving it enough velocity to penetrate deeply buried and heavily reinforced underground bunkers and facilities – like Iran’s nuke bunkers.

Can you even imagine what it must sound like when it explodes?

Gizmodo had a funny take on the name.  They call it the John Holmes of bombs, ha ha.

It kind of makes me sad to think that many of our nation’s best and brightest minds are hard at work thinking up things like the MOP.  Then again, I shudder to think of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Can’t we all just get along?  Or pretend to, forever?

Tim Tebow is Bigger Than Jesus

16 11 2011


I know that I am a little late to the party on this one, but I couldn’t pass it up.

For the uninitiated, Tim Tebow is the Bible-thumping quarterback for the Denver Broncos, formerly with the University of Florida.

While he was a Gator, he was absolutely coddled and pumped up by a rabid collegiate football media machine – he could do no wrong.

A coworker recently sent me an image of a Florida fan wearing a Gator jersey with Tebow’s number, with “Jesus” on the name plate. Too funny.

I found some other choice images and wanted to share them – enjoy.






Cup O’ Saturated Fat

15 11 2011

My (new) doctor recently told me that I am overweight.

Now, I am a runner and a fit guy in general, and I was really shocked to hear this after seriously like 12 years with my previous doctor in the same HMO.

The same data has been available to these same doctors this whole time, and I have been within 10 or 15 pounds of this weight for at least a decade. My cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. has always been really good.  Now suddenly I am getting The Fat Talk.  I can scarcely believe it!

To say there is a difference of opinion (between doctors and between he and I as well) is putting it mildly.

My weight has perhaps been inching up, I will concede that.  I also suffered an accident this year which caused me to add about five pounds, but now I am working it back off.  I do have a little belly, which I occasionally refer to as my “baby.”  (It’s just a bad joke.)

Anyway I’ve been trying to loose a little weight, and so I have been looking at some of the crap that I eat more closely (I eat pretty healthy anyway) and I was a little shocked to read about how bad instant noodles (ramen) is for you.  We have the Maruchan Beef Flavor styrofoam cups at the office, and I do occasionally have them, like if I had brought in a small amount of leftovers or a small sandwich for lunch.  They round out the lunch nicely.

I once read about how much sodium they tend to have, and how to reduce the salt intake (like shaking the salt out of the cup before you pour water in), but I somehow read past that they were “instant” because they are fried in oil!  That makes them so bad for you!  Add all that sodium and it’s just not very nutritious.

I love this one article says simply that they are “very, very bad for you“.  Indeed they are.

I had about a half cup today as I was reading this.  I threw the other half away.  😦


9 11 2011

I defy someone to explain to me how anyone is supposed to use this thing without hurting themselves:

It's sharp and will cut you no matter how you hold it

And what, exactly, one would use this for is beyond me.  It’s a round knife for God’s sake!

Now I understand how to use this product, I just don’t know when, why, or on whom you would use it. It’s evidently called a Tactical Tomahawk, and it will mess you up!


This seems ... unnecessary

And for the maniac in your life who already has a “Cyclone Knife” AND a Tactical Tomahawk, you could always get them something useful, like a surplus gas mask from Finland.


get your mask on

Fun mini pumpkin idea

8 11 2011


OK, this is my last Halloween-related post, since it is already a week past.

We often buy one of those gourds mini-pumpkins for Halloween, because I never can seem to get motivated enough to actually carve one.

Well, now you can get creative and decorate a mini-pumpkin.

Dogs on Parade

8 11 2011

We dropped in on the annual Halloween Dog Parade in Long Beach.  2011 was to be an attempt at breaking some supposed world record for the largest number of dogs in a parade.  I have no idea if they pulled it off or not.

A large crowd turned out, that’s for sure.

Note the cats being pulled in the car behind

She has a riding crop in her right hand 🙂

The wiener dogs (dachshunds) are my favorite.  They’re so happy all the time, I like that about them.

In this context especially, they are so cute and ridiculous, how can you not love these guys?

note the giant jay

get low





Some of them were definitely more integrated with their owners’ outfits.