Cup O’ Saturated Fat

15 11 2011

My (new) doctor recently told me that I am overweight.

Now, I am a runner and a fit guy in general, and I was really shocked to hear this after seriously like 12 years with my previous doctor in the same HMO.

The same data has been available to these same doctors this whole time, and I have been within 10 or 15 pounds of this weight for at least a decade. My cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. has always been really good.  Now suddenly I am getting The Fat Talk.  I can scarcely believe it!

To say there is a difference of opinion (between doctors and between he and I as well) is putting it mildly.

My weight has perhaps been inching up, I will concede that.  I also suffered an accident this year which caused me to add about five pounds, but now I am working it back off.  I do have a little belly, which I occasionally refer to as my “baby.”  (It’s just a bad joke.)

Anyway I’ve been trying to loose a little weight, and so I have been looking at some of the crap that I eat more closely (I eat pretty healthy anyway) and I was a little shocked to read about how bad instant noodles (ramen) is for you.  We have the Maruchan Beef Flavor styrofoam cups at the office, and I do occasionally have them, like if I had brought in a small amount of leftovers or a small sandwich for lunch.  They round out the lunch nicely.

I once read about how much sodium they tend to have, and how to reduce the salt intake (like shaking the salt out of the cup before you pour water in), but I somehow read past that they were “instant” because they are fried in oil!  That makes them so bad for you!  Add all that sodium and it’s just not very nutritious.

I love this one article says simply that they are “very, very bad for you“.  Indeed they are.

I had about a half cup today as I was reading this.  I threw the other half away.  😦



One response

17 11 2011

So your doctor says your FAT!
well, I aint down with that!

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