Fun mini pumpkin idea

8 11 2011


OK, this is my last Halloween-related post, since it is already a week past.

We often buy one of those gourds mini-pumpkins for Halloween, because I never can seem to get motivated enough to actually carve one.

Well, now you can get creative and decorate a mini-pumpkin.

Dogs on Parade

8 11 2011

We dropped in on the annual Halloween Dog Parade in Long Beach.  2011 was to be an attempt at breaking some supposed world record for the largest number of dogs in a parade.  I have no idea if they pulled it off or not.

A large crowd turned out, that’s for sure.

Note the cats being pulled in the car behind

She has a riding crop in her right hand 🙂

The wiener dogs (dachshunds) are my favorite.  They’re so happy all the time, I like that about them.

In this context especially, they are so cute and ridiculous, how can you not love these guys?

note the giant jay

get low





Some of them were definitely more integrated with their owners’ outfits.