Friday Funnies – Ugly Sweaters and Wallabies

9 03 2012

This week, we’ve got another doubleheader of Friday Funnies.

First up is another entry in the “what were they thinking with this ad?” category.


I’m sorry, is this supposed to compel someone to purchase any of these items?  It’s like the top half of her didn’t bother looking at what the bottom half decided to wear today.  Not that those pants would be acceptable in any outfit.

And the shoes!  And the way they posed the model – WTF?  I know American Apparel certainly has a look or theme with their advertising – I like that about them actually – but this is simply an awful outfit, I think it stinks.

Full disclosure – I am hardly some fashion maverick. I tend to blend into a crowd, fashion-wise (exactly as I prefer).  Even I can recognize a trainwreck when I see one.

Next up comes an “only in Australia” moment captured on film (or its digital equivalent).  Two weeks ago marked the opening round of the World Superbike Championship (production-based motorcycle roadracing).  The first races were held at Philip Island, on Australia’s southern coast near Melbourne.


That is a wallaby, little cousin to the kangaroo, happily interrupting things at the track. 

Courtesy of Cycle News.



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9 03 2012

I really don’t understand American Apparel

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