On Burning Fat, Bodybuilding and Life …

1 05 2012

I recently came across the following blog about burning fat and being more healthy.

This guy Tom Venuto has an excellent blog called, appropriately enough, the Burn The Fat Blog.  Love it!

I guess he’s a bodybuilder:

One article he recently posted has some great advice.  As I read through this list, I realized that this is good advice for living life, not just for losing weight!

Check it out:

Body transformation mistake #10

Training without intensity; going through the motions

Success strategy

Training with intensity, effort, focus and passion

Body transformation mistake #9

Using only willpower; trying to change consciously with force

Success strategy

Using habit power and programming your subconscious mind to change automatically

Body transformation mistake #8

Giving up at the first obstacle or failure

Success strategy

Persisting through every adversity until you succeed

Body transformation mistake #7

Inconsistency with nutrition and training

Success strategy

Consistently following your nutrition and training plan, every single day

Body transformation mistake #6

Chasing quick fixes; doing the least you can get away with

Success strategy

Developing a hard work ethic; doing whatever it takes

Body transformation mistake #5

Short term perspective: “I’m going on a 12 week program”

Success strategy

Long term perspective: “This is a lifelong journey”

Body transformation mistake #4

No goals, fuzzy goals or lightly taken goals

Success strategy #

Specific, written goals and total commitment to them

Body transformation mistake #3

Blaming something or someone else for your lack of results

Success strategy

Taking personal responsibility for all your results; better or worse

Body transformation mistake #2

No progress tracking or accountability

Success strategy

Tracking, measuring and becoming accountable for everything you want to improve; weight, body fat, performance, etc.

Body transformation mistake #1

Not believing it can be done and/or not believing you can do it

Success strategy

Believing in yourself; cultivating and growing that belief every single day



He has a lot of other great stuff on the site.  He also has a book.

This one was really well rounded and well said, about living a good life:







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