The Fleet

16 05 2012

Time for an update on what’s hanging out in RttRL’s hanger.

Here is a nice picture of most of the planes posing together:

2 T-28s and a Champ

My first was the HobbyZone Champ, the little orange one.  It’s based on an actual plane called the Aeronca Champ, built mostly in the mid-1940’s to ’50s.  It was a great trainer and I still enjoy flying it, although it doesn’t get as much flying time as it once did.

More recently I bought an aftermarket custom LED light kit, and I do enjoy flying it at night.  It is very relaxing and fun.


Here’s what the real airplane looks like:

The other two are more Horizon products, the micro and sport scale North American T-28 Trojan trainer aircraft:



I recently installed lights on the micro T-28 as well.


I also picked up one of these recently:

It’s a Great Planes F-86, after the North American F-86 Saber

The little antenna with the plug wires coming out of it actually attaches to the trainer port of my remote control (radio), and it is a self-contained transmitter in and of itself, which piggybacks on the controller’s inputs.

The jet is tough to fly, I am getting the hang of it still.  It moves a lot faster and requires a lot more focus.








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