Bath Salts – no, not “bath salts”

25 06 2012


I recently read an interesting post over at MediaBistro on the topic of “bath salts.”

I must admit that I was confused when I first heard the report of some drug-crazed wacko in Miami who apparently chewed the face off of another similarly intoxicated homeless man, before police shot him dead. The other guy survived, sans face.

Various media sources referred to the fact that the deranged face eater was high on a drug called “bath salts.”  Indeed, there was some speculation in the media as to whether this was some kind of new drug (it is, I’ve since seen it described as being similar to synthetic cocaine), or if those nice smelling little jars of bath crystals could actually be smoked and turned one into a depraved psychopath.

The MediaBistro article says that companies in the actual bath salts industry are being maligned by the illicit drug’s unfortunate nickname. 

Incredibly, one company has received calls requesting the drug, rather than the bathing crystals!

I’d personally stay away from the drug. I read that it is similar to cocaine in some ways, but makes one prone to extreme paranoia and violence – never a good combination, but especially not when you’re not in the same reality as everyone else around you.

As Ray Manseric, keyboardist for the legendary rock band The Doors once said, “stay away from the white powder drugs, kids!”



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