Extremely Low Flyby of the Santa Monica Pier

27 06 2012

Somehow, I missed this news item back in 2008.

Readers of this blog know that I am a fan of aircraft and jets in particular.  Their design, the engineering history behind their development, their performance capabilities all appeal to a visceral part of me that is otherwise untouchable.  There is something impressive and terrifying about that much metal and fire hurtling through the heavens faster than any bird on Earth.

Well, back in November of 2008 some jackass felt that he was above not only FAA rules that regulate the safe operation of aircraft in American airspace, but also any sense of decency or common sense.  One has to wonder, “what was he thinking?”

At this altitude and speed, things can go wrong VERY quickly:

I’ll admit that there is a certain bent amusement that I see in this as well.  *Some* of the people standing on the pier shared in this amazement, as evidenced by their not running for the parking lot when these guys began buzzing the Pier (who was the other pilot? the LA Times article doesn’t say).  Then again, the video shows that some people clearly did run for their lives.

The aircraft is a Aero L-39 Albatros, a Czech-designed two-place (2 seat) Cold War-era trainer. Pretty bad-ass little jet.


The Los Angeles Times recently ran an article stating that his probation for the incident was recently revoked due to noncompliance with the public service conditions he had agreed to.  Shockingly, the monetary fine was only $900!  I wonder if his pilot’s license is in jeopardy due to this stunt.  Indeed, his license was revoked but evidently not permanently.

There is some interesting stuff out there about this pilot, if one is in the Google kind of mood.




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