10 Essential Knots

30 07 2012

We stumbled across this page today, while wondering (on Google), “is carbon fiber conductive?”

(Don’t ask why we were researching that … it’s a long story.  And not a very interesting one.  But yes, it turns out, carbon fiber is quite electrically conductive – who knew?  Well, lots of people probably.  Look at how much space we took up, we could have told you our boring story by now …)

Anyway, this is a bowline knot:


I love the story she tells, for how to remember the correct way to tie this knot:

My father taught me the knot using the story of the otter. The loop is a pond and the line going towards the top is a tree. The working end of the line is the otter. The otter is swimming underwater and comes out of the pond, walk around the tree and slips back into the water.



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