Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems or, On The Topic of Pictures Being Worth Thousands of Words

14 09 2012

We had to share some local Los Angeles news from earlier this week.

On Wednesday morning in northern L.A. county, several men robbed a Bank of America in Canyon Country.  The suspects fled with police in hot pursuit. 

Realizing that the odds were not in their favor, the suspects began to throw handfuls of cash out of their moving car.

I think that the story is best experienced visually, with captions where necessary:




A mob scene ensues:


Imagine what was being said here; the indignation in the hand gestures says it all:


See, this is why you should always think about the clothes you wear outside.  The agony of disappointment on this young lady’s face is unmistakable:


Some people in attendance were in good spirits, including the cops:


The caption from the L.A. Times website reads in part, “Members of the crowd dance and shout ‘We want money!’ as they gather on Vernon Avenue in South Los Angeles.”

All photos courtesy KTLA (aerial shots), the L.A. Times / Anne Cusack



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