Siberian Volcano Shiveluch Eruption from Space

11 10 2012

This amazing photo of the Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Siberian Russia shows the volcano erupting on October 6, 2012:


The volcano is in the top left part of the image, with the smoke and ash plume eminating and drifting southeast in the wind.

Here’s another outstanding three quarter profile image of the volcano, also taken from space:


Mitik the Baby Walrus!

10 10 2012

This is Mitik.  He is an orphaned baby walrus who was rescued from the open ocean off the coast of Alaska.

He is super cute, in our opinion:


He will live at the New York Aquarium with two other walruses (walri? that can’t be right).

Space Shuttle Endeavour – In-Flight Video

5 10 2012

This video was taken by the backseater in one of the NASA F-18 chase planes. Great shots, very close up, as Endeavor and the SCA 747 flying past many notable SoCal landmarks:

Friday Funny – Manatee Rides, Spontaneous Dancing, and Magic

5 10 2012

Evidently a woman in Florida – of course in Florida – rode a manatee this week, and was captured on camera during her reckless joyride. She later turned herself in.

I have to say, it doesn’t look like she was harming the creature but who knows. Like all marine mammals they are protected which includes “no joyriding” I guess.




And some magic; try it, it really works!

Random Images

3 10 2012

A stroll down Imagur the other day yielded some strange results; more to follow:

C-47 Underwater

1 10 2012


I found this quite randomly on Imagur.  It belongs to Rico Besserdich, who has lots of great stuff.  I believe this is in Kas/Antalya, Turkey.