Friday Funny, Late Cycle – World Superbike Edition plus an Airbag You Can Wear

22 02 2013

No explanation necessary:

I love this bit:

dancing motorcycle racer


Also just in from the Paris bureau:


drawing for a suggestged motorcycle suit of armorCourtesy Futility Closet:

Easy Rider


As reported to the Paris bureau, Dainese, the innovative and very high-end Italian motosports protective gear giant, actually made this reality – sort of.  It’s an airbag vest equipped with accelerometers which deploy the airbag around the torso.\

According to their website:



 Tests carried out in accordance with draft european standard en 1621.3 for chest protectors show that d-air® street cuts the force transferred by over 92% compared with the specified limit.

The force on the back is reduced by 82% (compared with the performance of a level 2 back protector)

D-air® street is triggered in the event of:

– Impacts.
– Slides.

For rider and pillion

D-air® Street has a total deployment time of 45 milliseconds.



Here’s the side view as it begins inflating:

motorcycle air bag


And inflated:

motorcycle air bag


Here it’s deployed in a racing application (where they were developed):


motorcycle air bag


Walk of shame (kidding, kidding):


motorcycle air bag

You have to see this video to believe it.  Note the soundtrack from DVD menu on the animated Matrix trilogy companion, Animatrix


Freaky Friday – Meteor Explodes Over Russia

15 02 2013

Not to be confused with asteroid 2012 DA14, which is also making a close pass in just a couple of hours.

This would be fascinating and terrifying to witness in person:

Members of our editorial staff once directly observed a fireball which was the result of a large-ish “shooting star” entering the atmosphere, while on assignment covering renegade desert raves in the Mojave Desert. It was truly a sight to behold. The video above is much more spectacular.

Friday Funny: Little Blow Peep

15 02 2013

From The Weird Files (and firmly in the WTF category), as filed by our Paris bureau chief, whose only comment was “So, this exists.”

For today’s Friday Funny, we bring you: “Little Blow Peep

Little Blow Peep

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is like totally in love with Earth

14 02 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Evidently the near-earth asteroid known as 2012-DA14 is making a pass on our beloved planet tomorrow (Feb 15 2013).

map of earth's nearby space showing moon's orbit and asteroid's much larger oribit passing within the moon's orbit


Ted Vagina

13 02 2013

Ted Vagina

Ladies and Gentlemen – behold Ted Vagina.

Will Ferrell as Ted Vagina, in official Staples Center usher attire at Staples Center, courtesy LAist and deadspin.

He later kicks Shaq out:

12 02 2013

The JetHead Blog

Sneaking up behind me, are you? Here’s an infrared view you might need to heed: not the hotspots, but powerful the twin horizontal corkscrews of air current swirling off the wingtips of my jet. They’re wily, dangerous, and not to be trusted.

According to the Flight Safety Foundation, the vortices from a jet can have an internal rotation of up to 300 feet per second and often extend between 2 and 10 nautical miles behind a jet aircraft. The twin tornadoes–that’s literally what they are, horizontal but spinning powerfully–sink at a variable rate, between 300 and 500 feet per minute to an altitude  between 500 and 900 feet below the aircraft’s flight path and can persist for three or more minutes depending on the meteorological conditions.

That’s the problem, but hardly the full situation. Add to this hazard the closely constrained flight path of jet traffic in terminal areas. For…

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On SouICycIe, Giving Up on Facebook and Speedup

12 02 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with some of the gems of late from our usual fav online places like The Atlantic, Gawker, Etc.  You know, the major outlets.


This article is pretty entertaining.  If you’ve never heard of SoulCycle, read on.  You’re welcome. Gawker does produce some good stuff once in a while.

Over at The Atlantic, there’s a great article which asks the question, At What Age Will You Stop Using Facebook?  We estimated around 33 or so; it seems we were a bit off on that one.


This is not a new article, but is timely nonetheless.  You know how your boss keeps making your shrinking office staff do more and more work?  Yeah, there’s a term for that – speedup.

Next up – a “reblog” from one of our favorite bloggers, JetHead.