On SouICycIe, Giving Up on Facebook and Speedup

12 02 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with some of the gems of late from our usual fav online places like The Atlantic, Gawker, Etc.  You know, the major outlets.


This article is pretty entertaining.  If you’ve never heard of SoulCycle, read on.  You’re welcome. Gawker does produce some good stuff once in a while.

Over at The Atlantic, there’s a great article which asks the question, At What Age Will You Stop Using Facebook?  We estimated around 33 or so; it seems we were a bit off on that one.


This is not a new article, but is timely nonetheless.  You know how your boss keeps making your shrinking office staff do more and more work?  Yeah, there’s a term for that – speedup.

Next up – a “reblog” from one of our favorite bloggers, JetHead.



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