Friday Funny, Late Cycle – World Superbike Edition plus an Airbag You Can Wear

22 02 2013

No explanation necessary:

I love this bit:

dancing motorcycle racer


Also just in from the Paris bureau:


drawing for a suggestged motorcycle suit of armorCourtesy Futility Closet:

Easy Rider


As reported to the Paris bureau, Dainese, the innovative and very high-end Italian motosports protective gear giant, actually made this reality – sort of.  It’s an airbag vest equipped with accelerometers which deploy the airbag around the torso.\

According to their website:



 Tests carried out in accordance with draft european standard en 1621.3 for chest protectors show that d-air® street cuts the force transferred by over 92% compared with the specified limit.

The force on the back is reduced by 82% (compared with the performance of a level 2 back protector)

D-air® street is triggered in the event of:

– Impacts.
– Slides.

For rider and pillion

D-air® Street has a total deployment time of 45 milliseconds.



Here’s the side view as it begins inflating:

motorcycle air bag


And inflated:

motorcycle air bag


Here it’s deployed in a racing application (where they were developed):


motorcycle air bag


Walk of shame (kidding, kidding):


motorcycle air bag

You have to see this video to believe it.  Note the soundtrack from DVD menu on the animated Matrix trilogy companion, Animatrix




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