Friday Funny – Things You Can Do With A Giant Pumpkin

26 04 2013

One of our colleagues shared that one of his passions is growing gigantic pumpkins.

Some of these things are stupidly gigantic. The world record stands at over 2,000 pounds!

In addition to the Giant Pumpkin category, this website also features watermelons, tomatoes, “field pumpkins” (which look more like a Halloween type pumpkin), and “long gourds” which have to been seen to be believed.

Hell, you have to see ALL of these things to believe them!

Here’s a standout though – it was suggested that this is a good way to donate your giant fruit.

One does have to ask, what is that lion preparing to do to that pumpkin?


From the Picture Being Worth a Thousand Words Files

25 04 2013

Just spotted, from the L.A. Times’ coverage of the GW Bush presidential library dedication, a contender for this year’s “yeah, right” awards: an image of a jovial Obama with his arm around Old Mother Bush, who is sporting as dour a look as she is likely capable of.

Note the caption – tongue firmly in cheek (our commentary overlaid):


Easter Bunny on Motorcycle Gets a Talking To

3 04 2013

The LA Times and KTLA had this gem:


easter bunny on a motorcycle getting a ticket

On “North Korea Threatens the U.S. Again” Cartoons

3 04 2013

We spotted an interesting bit in the poll results on the article illustrated with cartoonist David Horsey’ drawing over at LA Times – “Will North Korea bluster its way into war?”

We think and obviously hope not.  Check out the even split in the viewer’s poll below the picture:

cartoon of Kim Jong Un