Speaking of Hot Air …

26 09 2016


Since a whole lot of hot air is about to be spewed forth across our fine nation [in the form of the first presidential candidate debate for the 2016 election cycle], and since it’s 106 degrees Fahrenheit at RttRL‘s editorial offices at the moment, we thought we’d share a cleverly written article from The LAist on the topic (our emphasis):

The Santa Anas are part of our invented origin stories and our common language; they are one of the very few things that all Angelenos experience in our sprawling, fragmented city. In fact, we have only three true civic icons, unbound to a specific location, and the mythic winds are one of them (palm trees and the searing promise/disappointment of the California dream are civic icons two and three, respectively).

There are a few quotes from Raymond Chandler and Joan Didion, which we can’t personally comment on.  But it seems that this article was missing a better quote, one from John Fante’s Ask the Dust.  But since we’re too lazy and unable to quickly locate it, we’ll be more scientific about it and simply substitute some images from the Web instead.

We like this one because it depicts little sailboats taking advantage of the strong offshore winds:




But, you should still read Ask the Dust.





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