How not to do it

28 04 2016

Witness a truly great piece of journalism about a dead whale being blown up with dynamite:


Grouplove – Check ’em Out

18 09 2015

The editorial offices are almost back to “normal” here at Racing to the Red Light.  Sorry for the hiatus.  We’re attempting to once again face our addiction to Flaming Hot Cheetos Con Limon and Diet Hansons Root Beer, and we’re doing well of it so far, day to day.

We’ve been listening to some new-to-us music lately, so here’s our first post-hiatus music post.  Behold, Grouplove:

The Permanent Potholes of Los Angeles

3 04 2015

Here in Los Angeles we have become accustomed to driving over some of the worst roads in the developed world.

Until recently the street leading to our editorial offices resembled a bombed out battlefield more that a “paved road”. A hazard for motorcyclist and auto drivers alike, someone must have sued the City because suddenly one day it was repaved.

We recently spotted this pothole that road workers have evidently given up hope of fixing – they’ve instead simply painted over it:


MC Breed and the DFC and Saddam Hussein

1 04 2015

in 1991, MC Breed and DFC accurately predicted the method of Saddam Hussein’s demise by hanging.

fictional Saddam Hussein as seen in MC Breed and DFC's video

SH name tag

The video is now a sort of blast-from-the-past, postmodern prophetic vibe from the Gulf War times.  People  Most people have forgotten that in addition to the recent veterans of America’s forays in the Middle East there are also veterans from the earlier Gulf War, some of them having been exposed to chemicals and other horrible shit in Iraq.

Here’s an evidently patriotic MC Breed leading Saddam to the gallows:

MC Breed and Saddam

Not sure who this is supposed to be, perhaps a Kuwaiti?

MC Breed and Saddam

MC Breed and Saddam

end of Saddam

Of course, Saddam was indeed hanged by his countrymen and the coalition/American forces in occupied Iraq, following a trial and conviction for crimes against humanities, among other offences.

Saddam on the gallows 2006 G image search

Here’s the video:

Tonight, this just in from our Regional Bear News Desk …

17 10 2014

We’re back everybody.  Try to contain your excitement.  We’ve been on a 10-month hiatus mostly consisting of pork rinds and tequila, lounging poolside in the sun.  Or something.

In breaking Regional Bear News:

picture of local area map with headline "Black Bear eats Norther California man who dies of heart attack"


Now that’s not a headline you see every day. L.A. Times

Friday Funny – Club Applebee’s

19 12 2013

We saw this over at Business Insider this week:


All the Good Stuff Was Gone … So I Stole a Stuffed Snow Leopard

17 12 2013

File this one under “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction”, folks.

Several weeks ago, a group of high school-aged kids in the Southern California city of La Habra Heights broke into a fully-furnished mansion whose owner had put the home on the market and was out of the country.  Somehow, these kids knew that the owner was away and took advantage, hosting what was undoubtedly a smashing renegade party inside the premises (the L.A. Times story makes it sound like the kids were outside initially).

Later in the evening, someone broke in through a window and the kids quickly ransacked and looted the place. 

Look at all this rich-guy shit!  It looks like the one wall’s worth of Thurston Howell III’s sitting parlor:


One kid nabbed a stuffed snow leopard, evidently valued at a quarter of a million dollars. He said that he took it because all the “good stuff was gone” and when confronted with the value of his theft he replied, “How many zeros is that?”  [Perhaps he should have stolen a calculator as well.  -Ed.]




They are looking into whether or not it is legal to even posses a stuffed snow leopard.  Some people were pissed.