Rules to Live By, and/or Shit That Drives Us Crazy

Rules to Live By, and/or Shit That Drives Us Crazy

Welcome to our *other* pages, where we shall enlighten all comers with our observations and rules that we like to think that we abide by.

Rule Number 1:  Stop Being Mean to Strangers

Although it should not have to be stated obviously, it does:  when you encounter people in the world, try not to show what a gigantic goddamn chip you have on your shoulder.  Some people have real problems, like terminal cancer.

Rule Number 2: Stop Treating People Like Assholes When You Drive

A.) Don’t drive menacingly toward pedestrians in a crosswalk as they are walking across your path.  It really is OK – by EVERY definition of “OK” – for them to be there.

B.) Don’t rush up and close off a space in front of you just because someone is trying to merge into your lane.

C.) Etc., people – for fuck’s sake!

Rule Number 3:  If you live in a dangerous, less-than-savory neighborhood, don’t buy a luxury car or SUV.

If you live in an area where it is not safe for your family members – FEMALE family members – to walk home from the nearest intersection, then for God’s sake don’t spend your limited financial resources on things like pricey cars, iPhones, or any other expensive shit.  Spend your money on moving to a better neighborhood and actually improving the quality of your life.

The BMW won’t do it; your $4,000 rims won’t do it either.  Your car WILL get stolen eventually.  You will worry about it happening until it does happen.

Rule Number 4: Don’t use your phone while driving.

Handsfree/legal things like nav apps notably excepted, so long as they are used in an attentive-to-the-road manner and in compliance with local laws.

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