Friday Funny – Insensitive Advertising

29 03 2013


Earlier this week, we received an industry newsletter with a bit about an ad campaign gone awry in Ford’s foreign operations.

We have to say, while certainly tasteless, the Berlusconi one is dead-on; they probably could have substituted the now-infamous Domimique Strauss-Kahn in his place, just as well.

Some choice quotes from the article:

The company this week apologized for the advertisements, decried as demeaning to women, including one depicting Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with a trio of bound women in the trunk of a car.

Similar ads featured Paris Hilton apparently kidnapping reality television rivals the Kardashian sisters — all three sisters tied up and one in a bikini — and Formula One driver Michael Schumacher abducting his male racing competition

Ad firm JWT India fired several employees over the incident, and apologized saying that the ads were neither requested by Ford, nor intended for “paid publication” but rather were “part of a creative exercise”.



Strange Random Advertisement

28 03 2013

This advertisement displayed on the LA Times website this morning.

As we’ve asked previously – who is this ad targeted towards? If they’re trying to get overweight people to click, they should have shown a cartoon hamburger or something, not this unfortunate-looking lass:



26 04 2012


I realize that evidently people don’t read much anymore, at least not news or literature. Or at least, the sense of anti-intellectualism in this country seems to indicate this.

I also realize that newspaper websites need to do what they have to do in order to pay the bills, as it were.

Still, does the L.A. Times really need to put up a full page, inescapable border for a movie around their front page?  Tacky and shameful for a supposedly world-class newspaper.

Ride the Pony

13 03 2012

Now THIS is a cool advertisement:


WTF Advertising Image of the Day

2 02 2012

It almost stands on its own, no description or introduction necessary … ALMOST.

Who is this advertisement geared towards?

Is this supposed to represent an actual (well-known) person?

Is she a superhero?  With a flashing light on her head?