Friday Funny – Nom Nom Norv Turner Edition

19 07 2013



Today we’ve got a hodgepodge of things for your Friday Funny.

First up, how about a video which features – among many other less exciting things – former San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner popping champaign and hopping out of the back of Mercedes?

Next up – finally we have the answer to the question, does the Cookie Monster really have a problem, or is he a recreational user?


Friday Funny – Banned Haircut

30 11 2012


Today’s Friday Funny features a great haircut, if you are a fan of Texas A&M’s quarterback Johnny Manziel.


Christian Chavez of Kerrville, Texas decided to have Texas A&M’s freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel’s image shaved into his head as a tribute, along with the Texas A&M’s logo and the words “Johnny Football” shaved in on the other side of his head.

For this transgression against fashion and good sense, he was sent home until the image and words were removed. What a shame!

Racing to the Red Light salutes your dedication to the cause, Christian!

Friday Funny – In Da Face!

26 10 2012

Another installment in the “a picture is worth a thousand words” category, taken from Monday night’s game.

Detroit’s Matt Stafford had a rough evening. This picture about sums it up:


Friday Funny – Images for Entertainment

19 10 2012

This week we’ve got a bit of a grab-bag of images.

In Monday Night Football (i.e. American Hand Egg) this week, our beloved San Diego Chargers blew a most excellent first half performance, where they had run up a 24-0 score against the Denver Broncos.  Then, in the second half, Denver went on to score 35 unanswered points – SD didn’t score again.

Which prompted some of these images:


(YOLO = you only live once)


Also some political / topical humor for you:


And finally … what?


Friday Funny – The Replacement Refs

28 09 2012

Thankfully yesterday saw a conclusion to the ongoing conflict between the NFL and their referees’ union, and the NFL began to claw its way out of the sad joke of a game it had become during the past three weeks.

However, to commemorate some of the crowning achievements of the scab/replacement refs, here are a few of the gems that have circulated around the office lately:



It’s been a while since we’ve poked fun at Tim Tebow. Time to correct this oversight – check out this awesome GIF of Tebow getting bonked on the helmet with a pass:

Here’s what Tebow would look like as a My Little Pony:


More (American) Football fun:




You MUST click on this link to see a hilarious tiny bicycle GIF:



And finally, apropos of nothing but its own awesomeness – the best dog costume for a large, spindly-legged dog:


Many more YouTube video clips of replacement refs blowing calls after the jump below.
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Some QB That I Used To Know

6 06 2012

A friend of ours recently sent this along. It’s a parody of the Gotye song and video Somebody That I Used To Know.  Very funny!

Tim Tebow is bigger than Endor

29 11 2011

As a follow on to my previous post regarding the now full-time Denver Broncos quarterback and media favorite, Tim Tebow (who sucks for his role in defeating my San Diego Chargers this past Sunday), I present:


Notice that he is running the ball here:


My crappy MS Paint skills are unmatched.