On Lube, Using Your Own Products, and Justifications for Flogging the Pony

26 03 2013


Our San Gabriel Valley bureau chief sent this item in yesterday – spotted in a press release from an adult lube company called Empowered Products.

The owner of the company is quoted in the press release as being a proud user of the company’s product, saying that he uses it “to clear my mind of carnal distractions in order to make better decisions throughout the day.”

We have to admit, that’s a pretty good justification for the act.

Amazon even sells the stuff. (What can’t you find on Amazon or eBay these days?) Their product description really says it all … You’ve got to read it to believe it.

Amongst the highlights: it “gets better” the more you use it.

Manic Monday – Dennis Rodman in North Korea

4 03 2013

Well this is one of the best stories ever. Dennis Rodman held court – pun intended – with the reclusive and belligerent North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

It’s difficult to overstate how strange and wonderful this really is. On the one hand, this guy just detonated another underground nuclear bomb and launched a long range missile.

On the other hand, it’s got to be a good sign that he is open to some Western ideas, even if it’s in the form of Dennis Rodman.

The pictures speak for themselves – these guys clearly enjoyed the game.




Friday Funny, Late Cycle – World Superbike Edition plus an Airbag You Can Wear

22 02 2013

No explanation necessary:

I love this bit:

dancing motorcycle racer


Also just in from the Paris bureau:


drawing for a suggestged motorcycle suit of armorCourtesy Futility Closet:

Easy Rider


As reported to the Paris bureau, Dainese, the innovative and very high-end Italian motosports protective gear giant, actually made this reality – sort of.  It’s an airbag vest equipped with accelerometers which deploy the airbag around the torso.\

According to their website:



 Tests carried out in accordance with draft european standard en 1621.3 for chest protectors show that d-air® street cuts the force transferred by over 92% compared with the specified limit.

The force on the back is reduced by 82% (compared with the performance of a level 2 back protector)

D-air® street is triggered in the event of:

– Impacts.
– Slides.

For rider and pillion

D-air® Street has a total deployment time of 45 milliseconds.



Here’s the side view as it begins inflating:

motorcycle air bag


And inflated:

motorcycle air bag


Here it’s deployed in a racing application (where they were developed):


motorcycle air bag


Walk of shame (kidding, kidding):


motorcycle air bag

You have to see this video to believe it.  Note the soundtrack from DVD menu on the animated Matrix trilogy companion, Animatrix


Friday Funny: Little Blow Peep

15 02 2013

From The Weird Files (and firmly in the WTF category), as filed by our Paris bureau chief, whose only comment was “So, this exists.”

For today’s Friday Funny, we bring you: “Little Blow Peep

Little Blow Peep

Friday Funny – Brony

20 07 2012


Today we have perhaps our finest Friday Funny to date: The Brony.

We just found out about this phenomenon yesterday thanks to our keeper of all things pop culture bizarre, our East San Gabriel Valley bureau chief.

People younger than 40 probably remember the popular children’s franchise, My Little Pony. It was a classic cartoon/toy retail success, with the feedback loop of the cartoon inspiring the toys (small, colorful plastic ponies with wild hair colors), and the toys helping to popularize the show.

Being of the male persuasion, I can’t say that I was a big fan, but my female contemporaries certainly were.

The franchize has been revived as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And this time, in addition to little girls, the show’s producers found an unlikely secondary fanbase: Bronies.

Wikipedia defines Bronies as “older fans, typically males from 18 to 35” who may or may not watch the show “ironically.”


Evidently birthed on 4Chan (a message board notable for spawning other incredible memes such as LOLcats, “Chocolate Rain,” and others, as well as the Project Chanology protest against Scientology, and for being a gathering place for the hacktivist group Anonymous), the meme picked up momentum and developed into a movement in its own right.

The Bronies’ self-adopted mascot character from the show is a mentally challenged pony who initially didn’t have a name, as she was a background filler character. Wikipedia notes,

“In the first episode, a background pegasus pony is shown in one scene with a cross-eyed stare, the result of an overlooked animator’s joke.  The 4chan boards quickly dubbed the character “Derpy Hooves” and created a more detailed personality for her despite having minimal on-screen time. Faust responded to the fans, and the production team has kept the “Derpy” character with the cross-eyed look starting with “Feeling Pinkie Keen”, where the team incorporated her into a slapstick sight gag.  The character has since become a mascot of the fandom.”



You’ve gotta love the caption on Wikipedia for the image above:

” “Derpy” (right) is berated by Rainbow Dash (left) from the episode “The Last Roundup”. Though appearing on the show before as part of sight gags, this episode as initially aired stated her name stated and gave her speaking lines. Some portions of the fandom felt her appearance and actions were negative reflections of mentally disabled persons, and Hasbro altered subsequent airing that removed her name, altered the voice, and reduced the degree to which “Derpy’s” eyes crossed.”

Lest one believe that this is an internet-only fad driven by faceless crazies on 4Chan, we present perhaps one of the oddest fan conventions you could possibly attend:  BronyCon.


Notice that the presumably full-grown man in the right side of the foreground in the image above is sporting a pony tail on the seat of his jeans.

Who could resist the urge to mingle with like-minded people like this?


As you can see, there are as many female weirdos as male ones, including this chick:


Apparently Derpy has inspired another class of memes centered around the retarded pronunciation of random words.  You have to read some of them multiple times in order to understand them, if they can be understood at all. Here are some examples:



Let’s face it – there has to be a few of these guys who are thinking this:


Remote Control Flying Cat

5 06 2012

Yes, this is real!  As in, this is an actual, deceased pet cat that was stuffed by a taxidermist and then built into a remote control quad copter – a helicopter type aircraft with four smaller rotors.

I spotted this on the L.A. Times website but I have since seen it elsewhere and even heard a bit on NPR about it this morning.

The builder is a Dutch artist who was also the cat’s owner. The cat was called Orville (as in Wright), and he is posthumously called the Orvillecopter:


Check out the test flight:

I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this one. Certainly it is unique!  And kind of funny.  And of course morbid/unsettling. 

WTF Advertising Image of the Day

2 02 2012

It almost stands on its own, no description or introduction necessary … ALMOST.

Who is this advertisement geared towards?

Is this supposed to represent an actual (well-known) person?

Is she a superhero?  With a flashing light on her head?



Happy Plane

31 01 2012

… will kill you!