Remote Control Flying Cat

5 06 2012

Yes, this is real!  As in, this is an actual, deceased pet cat that was stuffed by a taxidermist and then built into a remote control quad copter – a helicopter type aircraft with four smaller rotors.

I spotted this on the L.A. Times website but I have since seen it elsewhere and even heard a bit on NPR about it this morning.

The builder is a Dutch artist who was also the cat’s owner. The cat was called Orville (as in Wright), and he is posthumously called the Orvillecopter:


Check out the test flight:

I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this one. Certainly it is unique!  And kind of funny.  And of course morbid/unsettling. 


The Cats Are Taking Over

28 10 2011




Well, we knew this day was coming. At least people who live in my neighborhood did (I swear, we have more cats per capita than anyplace else in SoCal).

No seriously, this was from the “cat premiere” for the new Puss in Boots movie.  This is a real picture, with real “trained cats” and Antonio Banderas.