Stranger Than Fiction

20 03 2012

Today we relate a truly bizarre real-life story that played out about a month ago, in Sacramento, California.

At a meeting of a local Sacramento-area model aircraft club, one of the members had a violent confrontation with another member, ending tragically with both of them dead.  It turned out to be a love triangle involving the older man’s wife, who was also a club member and in attendance.

The bizarre twist?  The older man was 73, and the younger guy was 62. The wife of thr 73-year-old was 49 (!!!). 

These are people who should have been old enough to know better!  That is to say, old enough to know better than to cheat on their spouse, date a married woman, or shoot someone over it.

Here’s the cops and possibly a club member taking one of their RC airplanes in as evidence. That is a really slick airplane, by the way, an electric ducted fan F-86 Sabre Jet – at least they had good taste in airplanes! 


The way it went down, according to the reports linked here and above, an argument broke out in the parking lot, ending with the first shooting and fatality. The older fellow then shot at his wife, missing her but shooting out the windows in the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District where the club rents a room for their meetings.

He pursued her inside, but one of the other club members (who was evidently not involved in the triangle) persuaded the enraged gunman to go back outside. When he saw the police begin to arrive, he shot and killed himself.

Truly one for the “truth is stranger than fiction” file – very sad.

Friday Funny – Sorta

16 03 2012

I will admit that it’s not that the events that inspired this story is funny – at the core, it is a crime and morally reprehensible – the funny part is the picture (and what it insinuates, namely that Twilight star Taylor Lautner resembles a llama).

Found quite randomly on a site called FilmDrunk:


The woman on the left is a 31-year-old English teacher in Hemet, California, who seduced and slept with a 17-year-old male student.

The article on FilmDrunk is so hilarious that I encourage everyone to go read it.

Go ahead, you can come back to RttRL when you’re done, we’ll still be here:

The best two lines from this piece:

“Riverside County is the Florida of California”


“My sources say the boy tried to hide the romance, but failed on account of being a horrible, horrible actor.”

Ha!  Now that is pure gold!