Friday Funny, Way-Back Edition Featuring Rusty

15 03 2013

We saw a wiener dog on the way into the office this morning.

Being exhausted from “researching” this week’s Friday Funny post for about 50 hours this week, we recalled a music video about our favorite narcoleptic daschund, Rusty.



13 11 2012

California’s crazy Governor Jerry Brown has the cutest dog, a Corgi named Sutter.


Behold, Sutter:



From the LA Times

LA Times






And inexplicably, here’s Jerry bustin’ out a few pushups as Sutter observes and/or nuzzles:

OC Register

Friday Funny – Late Edition – Cat Washing

19 10 2012


Friday Funny – The Replacement Refs

28 09 2012

Thankfully yesterday saw a conclusion to the ongoing conflict between the NFL and their referees’ union, and the NFL began to claw its way out of the sad joke of a game it had become during the past three weeks.

However, to commemorate some of the crowning achievements of the scab/replacement refs, here are a few of the gems that have circulated around the office lately:



It’s been a while since we’ve poked fun at Tim Tebow. Time to correct this oversight – check out this awesome GIF of Tebow getting bonked on the helmet with a pass:

Here’s what Tebow would look like as a My Little Pony:


More (American) Football fun:




You MUST click on this link to see a hilarious tiny bicycle GIF:



And finally, apropos of nothing but its own awesomeness – the best dog costume for a large, spindly-legged dog:


Many more YouTube video clips of replacement refs blowing calls after the jump below.
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Friday Funny – Dog Shaming

7 09 2012

The concept – to “shame” one’s dog by photographing your pet along with a sign of some sort describing why shame should be required. The execution – pretty funny!




Friday Funny – Teasing the Dog

30 03 2012

Dogs Underwater!

7 03 2012


The Guardian newspaper in the UK recently featured the photos of a photographer named Seth Casteel

I think he must stay underwater in a SCUBA outfit to get these shots.  Whatever his method, he has produced some amazing shots.

I’ve included a cute sample above but there are some that are more sinister. Definitely worth a visit to Seth’s website:

Maddie on Things

22 02 2012


Meet Maddie – she is a coonhound (dog) who likes to stand on things.

Or, at least, she is patient (and has great balance) and she allows her owner to pose her for some pretty awesome pictures, such as the one above.

I like the effect he uses to produce the weathered looking old school photos.