Friday Funny, Way-Back Edition Featuring Rusty

15 03 2013

We saw a wiener dog on the way into the office this morning.

Being exhausted from “researching” this week’s Friday Funny post for about 50 hours this week, we recalled a music video about our favorite narcoleptic daschund, Rusty.



13 11 2012

California’s crazy Governor Jerry Brown has the cutest dog, a Corgi named Sutter.


Behold, Sutter:



From the LA Times

LA Times






And inexplicably, here’s Jerry bustin’ out a few pushups as Sutter observes and/or nuzzles:

OC Register

Friday Funny – Late Edition – Cat Washing

19 10 2012


Friday Funny – The Replacement Refs

28 09 2012

Thankfully yesterday saw a conclusion to the ongoing conflict between the NFL and their referees’ union, and the NFL began to claw its way out of the sad joke of a game it had become during the past three weeks.

However, to commemorate some of the crowning achievements of the scab/replacement refs, here are a few of the gems that have circulated around the office lately:



It’s been a while since we’ve poked fun at Tim Tebow. Time to correct this oversight – check out this awesome GIF of Tebow getting bonked on the helmet with a pass:

Here’s what Tebow would look like as a My Little Pony:


More (American) Football fun:




You MUST click on this link to see a hilarious tiny bicycle GIF:



And finally, apropos of nothing but its own awesomeness – the best dog costume for a large, spindly-legged dog:


Many more YouTube video clips of replacement refs blowing calls after the jump below.
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Friday Funny – Dog Shaming

7 09 2012

The concept – to “shame” one’s dog by photographing your pet along with a sign of some sort describing why shame should be required. The execution – pretty funny!




Friday Funny – Teasing the Dog

30 03 2012

Dogs Underwater!

7 03 2012


The Guardian newspaper in the UK recently featured the photos of a photographer named Seth Casteel

I think he must stay underwater in a SCUBA outfit to get these shots.  Whatever his method, he has produced some amazing shots.

I’ve included a cute sample above but there are some that are more sinister. Definitely worth a visit to Seth’s website: