Vertigo-Inspiring Photography

25 03 2013

From the “wish you were here files,” as spotted on Mashable today.

This Ukrainian guy who goes by “Mustang Wanted” has a penchant for climbing tall structures and posing for these awesome pictures.

Here’s a couple of samples – be sure to check out the others, linked above and here.



Machu Picchu Gigapan

28 11 2012


Gigapan, a company who provides photograpic composite services – essentially, they stitch together many smaller images to make a large, high-resolution picture.

They have done it with a picture of the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru. 

I will try to embed the “zoom-able” image below.  If it doesn’t work, here’s the link instead.

They also have others on their site, check it out here.

Dogs Underwater!

7 03 2012


The Guardian newspaper in the UK recently featured the photos of a photographer named Seth Casteel

I think he must stay underwater in a SCUBA outfit to get these shots.  Whatever his method, he has produced some amazing shots.

I’ve included a cute sample above but there are some that are more sinister. Definitely worth a visit to Seth’s website: