Friday Funny – Hipsters,

27 07 2012

Today we’ve got a few disparate items to chuckle about.

First up, from the Laist newsletter, a recent rant that was posted to Craigslist regarding the how the rant’s author is officially “over” hipster women, and hipsters in general.

Screenshot and full text of the rant below:


Full text:

I used to have crushes on arty girls,like those that are in abundance in Silverlake and Echo Park. Those girls with their slender,tomboyish figures. Until realizing that this subgroup I refer to as “indie kids” are not like the people I met in college at all. It is painful to sit in a coffeeshop and listen to these sorts of people as they continually spout out cliche hipster nonsense that they seem to think is intellectual thought,but isn’t. It’s like the entire generation that these late-20s,early-30s come from are completely emotionally detached, intellectually stunted,and politically and socially disengaged — but they somehow remain completely self-absorbed. I mean,self-absorption was once solely the domain of the intellectual and artistic elite — Einstein and Picasso,for instance — but has now filtered down to those who don’t even have a reason to be self-absorbed. Hell, with the seeming nonexistence of rational thought,pragmatism, emotional maturity,or any sense of the world outside,I’m not even convinced there is a self to be absorbed in.

After seeing places in this world where people live in tin shacks with no electricity or running water and literally eat the sun-baked gravel for survival of the barest degree,I find the lifestyle and values of this group of people reprehensible. And the fact that there are so many publications and facets of the media — like the LA Weekly,for instance — that seem to not only cater to this subgroup,but lionize and proselytize about the shitty music and faux-art that they produce must be sure sign of the impending downfall of the U.S.,if not the Western world as a whole.

We here have been given everything, there is no excuse for ignorance and apathy. None. Take your shitty music with no balls,your mumblecore films and sub-Warhol pop art bullshit and go back to Oregon,Washington or Minnesota. And tell your hipster douche bag boyfriends to buy a razor,a comb,and some pants that didn’t come off the girl’s rack – you fucktards. I’ll be laughing my ass off when you’re working in the mines for your Chinese overlords. Thanks for pissing an entire generation away.


Now, while we here at RttRL are occasionally (or sometimes frequently) annoyed by the hipsters we run into in our various corners of SoCal, I think that we don’t quite share the same level of disgust for them as the Craigslist ranter above.

In general we do agree with some of the points being made, particularly about rampant narcissism and political disengagement.

Searching around for various images of “hipsters” for this post, we ran across an interesting couple of posts on the subject. One was an article from 2008 in Adbusters that, while smacking a bit of the pot-calling-the-kettle-blackness, had some interesting things to say on the topic.  They did make the rather sensationalistic claim that the hipsters either are, or signify, the “Death of Western Civilization.”  I think that may be giving them a little too much credit.


I enjoyed what another blogger had to say about the Adbusters article – summed up by the one-liner: “Some truth there, but the sky ain’t falling.” 

One comment on that page will serve as the closing of this bit of fun on the topic for today:

That’s the problem with hipsters. They pretend to be nihilistic when really they’re just uninformed and apathetic. They have no style, substance, or opinion of their own, so they simply go online and find a cool quote to adopt, then they see what everyone else is wearing and do the same.

We need to destroy the Internet and put some mystery back into the world.

And fuck Facebook too. Live your life to live it. Not to simply photograph it and add it to your album. Like anyone except the lonely voyeurs who stalk you give a shit what you did last weekend, you narcissistic fuck.

Moving on! 

Here’s a non-sequitor to even us back out into Friday Funny territory.  I guess this will appeal to SoCal Indycar racing fans who aren’t huge fans of the sport’s feeder class:


Lastly for today, actor Fred Willard went on Jimmy Fallon’s show to explain how he got busted in a porn theater recently. You have to admire the nerve required to come right out in public (PUN INTENDED) and face the music. 


Not sure if this video link will embed properly but here you go:



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